Connecting Directly with your Amazon Buyers just became possible!

Get first-party data of your Amazon Customer and Connect, Remarket and Resell personally. 

Trusted by 100+ Amazon Best Seller brands.

Helping 100+ leading brands increase ecommerce revenues.

Use Marketplaces as a Trampoline for D2C Sales

Reach directly to your end-customers using first-party data and remarket using Messenger, Email, WhatsApp and more!

Connect with every customer across mediums.

Personalize your remarketing messages connect effortlessly across Messenger, Email and WhatsApp.

Collect customized data that you need.

Customize forms & collect first party data relevant for your business needs.

Bring Marketplace customers to your ecommerce.

Paying Amazon 40% as commison is not profitable in the long run, use Dyrect to bring all your Marketplace customers to your ecommerce.

Your Amazon customer's data is just 1 click away

Customers register products in 1-click.

Customer buys product and scans the QR code on the packaging.

Collect First-party data.

Critical Customer data gets recorded, which can be used to reach out the customers.

Personalize Remarketing.

Use first-party customer data to engage customers across mediums and remarket effectively.

Boost brand revenue without violating Marketplace rules

Increase profitabilty by converting your one time Marketplace customer into your repeat loyal customer.

Use powerfull dashboards to make use of the data.

Manage all the data in at one place. Collect, Segment & Personalize.

Increase Repeat Sales.

Leverage first-party data to remarket across mediums and boost repeat sales.

Reduce CAC, Increase LTV.

With CAC on the rise, use markertplaces as a channel to bring traffic on your ecommerce.

Start collecting first-party data

Read the blog to find out how you can connect with every marketplace customer and convert them into your ecommerce customer.

Integrate with your favourite
marketing apps

‍Built to integrate with any of your marketing or CRM apps you use every day.

Integrate with tools that you already use and optimize your post sales offers in order to
Increase Conversions and Maximize Revenue.

Syska increased their repeat sales by 28%

When we started our search for a solution we were carefully looking for one which does not violate marketplaces rules, and Dyrect was a perfect fit. Getting verified first-party data was gold for our marketing teams, using which we were able to upsell and increase our repeat sales by as much as 28%.

Gurumukh Uttamchandani

Executive Director, Syska LED Lights

Remarket and upsell to every Marketplace customer.

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Never lose a customer again!

Trusted by 100s of brands globally, we help brands collect first-party data and provide an engaging eCommerce Sales.

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